Monday, May 4, 2015

4. Proposed people selected for pilot pioneer project.


The community members are carefully selected so that it has necessary skill for self-sufficiency.

People selected for pilot pioneer community project and for any additional pioneer communities are selected for their skills as needed to form a functional and self sufficient community. Families are encouraged. The numbers are limited to:
  • 20 single men
  • 20 single women
  • 20 families
The people come from all walks of life.
  • Refugees wanting to be pioneers should be fully sponsored.
  • Canadian families or singles wanting to be pioneers should pay for their trip to the community and for their room and board costs as well as subsidizing the room and board costs of one refugee.
The 80 adults have amongst them the following skills for communal work.
  • minimal 2 health care workers or nurses or doctors
  • minimal 2 teachers
  • 2 or more cooks
  • 2 or more bakers
  • 2 or more cheese makers
  • 2 or more butchers
  • 2 or more tailors
  • 2 or more farmers
  • 2 or more gardeners
  • 2 or more beekeepers
  • 3 or more carpenters
  • 3 or more mechanics
  • 3 or more stone cutters/ bricklayers
  • 2or more with internet computer skills
  • 2 or more with English speaking and writing skills
  • 3 or more with driving skills  
  • 2 or more with fishing skills 
  • 2 or more with candle making and soap making skills
Should families bring with them grandparents, the grandparents would help the parents take care of the children.

Each capable working adult is expected to work 8 hours of communal work 5 days a week with 3 weeks of holidays. Communal work includes taking care of the sick members, teaching, baking, preparing dairy products, setting traps for hunting, slaughtering the animals and hiding them, sewing and repairing cloths,  farming, gardening, making honey, carpentry, maintaining machinery, driving, cutting down trees, sawing them in boards, logs and splitting the logs.

Tools needed:
  • tractor
  • car
  • saws
  • log splitters
  • grain grinder
  • washing machine
  • sewing machine
  • shovels
  • hammers
  • kitchen appliances
  • electric generator
Pioneers all work together to build private houses and apartment blocks. They are given a loan for any materials they need. Once the pioneers have their own private houses, they no longer need to do communal work. They can work outside the community and/or set up businesses for the pioneer community.

Different phases of pioneers
  • new arrivals live communally and build communal facilities and private homes for their community. 
  • settled pioneers of a community work their own land and work their own businesses.
  • new tax paying Canadian citizens have full ownership rights to the land they pioneered.

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