Saturday, May 16, 2015

12. Proposal for a feasibility study for this pilot pioneer project


Politicians need to be convinced by academics of the feasibility of such a pioneer project as described in this blog.
I have formulated an idea how one can start a pilot pioneer settlement in Canada for refugees.

I argued that Canada can benefit from pioneers much in the same way it has benefited from pioneers in the past. The pioneers today no longer can become self-sufficient by cultivating their land, as the most fertile land are no longer available. Homesteaders can no longer compete in this competitive world by cultivating their plots.  They have to rather exploit their plot for all the possible resources that they find on it. They have to cooperate instead of compete. They can no longer afford to work in family units, as they did in the past, but instead have to work as a community that is made up of carefully chosen people with unique skills of expertise. Modern machinery, friendly neighbors and existing railway lines and roads make homesteading much easier then what it was in the past. The growing tourist industry allows homesteaders a niche market that can be exploited.  

It is not a question of "can it be profitable?" 
but rather "can it be self-sustainable and offer refugees a dignified free life ? that we all deserve"

Refugees make the best pioneers

I continue to believe very strongly that refugees, turned into modern day pioneers to settle and open up Northern Canada for tourists, can offer Canada a lot more than just international prestige. 

Proposal for a study program to explore possible immediate and long term solution to help refugees to find a new dignified and free life.

The sociology departments in universities start programs to find possible ways to immediately help refugees set up a self-sufficient community. A start would be to make a feasibility study of the pilot refugee settlement as proposed in this blog.

3 universities should be funded to work on a cooperative base:

  • A university in Switzerland, close to the Swiss politicians,
  • A university in Canada, close to the Canadian politicians and
  • A university in Canada, close to the proposed location for such pioneer settlement.  
The 3 universities should work in close cooperation. They should make a feasibility study concerning:

  • financing, 
  • legalities
  • administering
Once the feasibility study is completed, it will be submitted to:

  • various philanthropists
  • charity organizations,
  • various governments that would be involved ( ie. Canadian, Swiss, and EU countries).  

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