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1. Proposal for pilot pioneer community

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This is a proposal to start a pilot pioneer settlement in Canada for refugees. It is argued that Canada can benefit from pioneers in much the same way it has benefited from pioneers in the past - provided that homesteading laws of the past are adapted for the present modern situation. Careful selection of refugees to guarantee availability of skills, cooperative self-sufficient environment, modern materials and machinery, friendly neighbors and existing infrastructure such as railway lines and roads make homesteading much easier and less dangerous then what it was in the past. The growing tourist industry and the rich forestry and mineral resources of unsettled land in the north allow homesteaders a niche market that can be exploited.  It is not a question of whether it be profitable but rather if it can be self-sustainable and offer refugees and their children a dignified free life that we all deserve. Canadians are seen not willing to move to remote regions and face the hardships of living and trying to make a profit in remote unsettled lands.  Many refugees on the other hand would be thankful to be given a chance to do just that. Refugees make the best pioneers. Refugees, turned into modern day pioneers to settle and open up Northern Canada for tourists, can offer Canada a lot more than just international prestige.

The proposal covers the concept and highlights the international cooperation needed between EU countries, Switzerland, and Canada to implement such a project. A location is proposed as well as the needed facilities, skills, and tools, the needed financing and legislation, statistics and arguments for the concept, scenarios of future pioneer settlements and other suitable locations if the pilot project is successful. Finally a proposal is discussed to fund a joint university program to convince the politicians to implement such a project.  

A call for action 

Whenever we cannot turn our eyes away from masses of children and women who are dying as a result of natural catastrophes, starvation, war and persecution, and are forced to watch them die a slow and painful death, then we react on mass to save them. And once they are saved, then we feel good and we forget about them.  That has been our reaction to the thousands of refugees that we see on crowded poor equipped boats landing on the shores of Europe. There is a lack of will to find immediate solutions to help these refugees help themselves to obtain the dignity and freedom they are risking their lives to find for themselves and for their children.

The reasons for this lack of will to act responsibly and humanly are too many. Too many people believe that the refugees are a threat to their culture, their jobs and their space by thinking of the refugees as lazy criminals. Too many people are attracted to news of catastrophes rather than success stories.  Too many people favor short term gain at the expense of long term pain. Too many religious people believe that human sufferings have reasons beyond our control. Too many universities partake in studies only when they are externally funded. Too many politicians favor freedom of corporations to make profits over freedom of normal people to live dignified lives. 

After having tolerated and supported for decades brutal regimes in the name of freedom, we are now faced with the consequence of having to take responsibility to support  citizens of these regimes who are risking their lives to escape from their repressive governments to look for a life of dignity and freedom.  After having raped nature in the name of technology, tinkered with its genes in the name of feeding the hungry, used fields to grow fuel for machines instead of food for people, and dammed rivers to generate electricity instead of to irrigate crops, we are now faced with the consequence of having to take responsibility to support people fleeing starvation.

A repeating wave of migration and immigration would be a win-win situation for many countries, as well as for all refugees - just as the proceeding wave of migration 100 - 300 years ago was. The world would greatly benefit if refugees were encouraged and helped to immigrate and settle and open up these productive yet laid to waste lands.

"Refugee" has a negative connotation, while "Pioneer" has a positive connotation.  
Refugees make the very best pioneers. 

The refugees that turned into pioneers in Canada of the past faced many dangers and hardships that the refugees turned pioneers would no longer face at present:

In the past                                                             At present

Homesteads far from roads and/or railways          Homesteads are next to roads and/or railways
Hostile natives                                                       Friendly helpful natives 
Competition to get the best land                            Cooperation in a kibutz style communal                                                                                                   community
Need to cultivate land                                             Need to exploit land of timber and rock
Need to provide products to consumers far away  Need  to provide services to an increasing tourist
Lack of modern materials, tools and machinery    Modern materials, tools and machinery available
Lack of communication and support facilities       Modern communications and support  facilities

Project “Pioneer” proposal

Aim: To settle, develop and exploit lands in the northern parts of Canada that are near populated areas suitable and attractive for the tourist industry.

Participants: Any young and able families or singles with a pioneering spirit who are willing to live a self-sufficient communal life for a few years until their community is established.

Aid: Travel costs and training costs for refugees are subsidized and paid work is offered to allow the buying of tools and materials for the settlement.

Work offered: Building infrastructure for the community. Building homesteads for the pioneers.  Building industry facilities for the community (ie, lumberyard, greenhouses, etc). Building tourist facilities (buildings, trails). Working in local facilities. Providing services to local communities.

Contract: After a certain time period, if pioneers have shown that they have worked their homestead with the parcel of land, and have applied and received Canadian citizenship, they are given a deed to that land.

It is not a question if modern pioneers are able to compete in the markets and be profitable from the land they settle on, but rather,  if they can survive on it and lead happy, dignified and free lives on it. 

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Refugees - the modern freedom loving nomads

Many countries refuse to properly deal with the growing refugee problem because they claim that their lands cannot support more people than they have. They claim that because of overpopulation, allowing refugees into their country is a too difficult of a problem. Overpopulation is a myth. For the money the USA spent on war for the past 10 years, a small home on a small plot of land in a small community could be built for every family in America. To house the 320 million Americans in a 1 story home would require about 500,000 low density villages of 750 people. These villages would need less land than there is in the state of New Hampshire. The 7, 000 million people in the world could be similarly housed on 75% of the land in Texas. Overpopulation is not the reason that half of the population in the world lives hungry in overcrowded facilities.  Scientists show that artificial closed systems cause mice to literally kill each other off. The same results apply to other animals, including people. We are herded into high density living conditions because a few dozen psychopaths, our slave masters,  want us to tear each other to pieces so that we won`t unite against them.  There is too much money to be made in destroying and in rebuilding infrastructure and in attacking and protecting people from terror.  

Up to a 100 years ago, North America, for a couple of hundred years, offered the millions of people from all over the world who were searching for prosperity and freedom a great opportunity. They were encouraged and allowed to immigrate and settle and open up wild lands rich with resources. This migration of people to the Americas worked well, until the banksters arrived.

American immigration history lasted until about 100 years ago attracting a rich mixture of national groups, races and ethnicities that enriched the land like a ray of sunlight and a breath of fresh air in a stagnant dark room.  About 1 million immigrants came to the United States from Europe between 1600 and 1799. The peak year of European immigration was in 1907, when 1,285,349 persons entered the country. By 1910, 13.5 million immigrants were living in the United States.  By 1920, a great part of the nation`s presently existing railways, roads and cities were completed by these hard working immigrants and in 1921 laws were enacted to restrict immigrants, particularly Jews, Italians, and Slavs. Most of the Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis in World War II were barred from coming to the United States. In 1954, more than 1 million Mexicans were deported.  

The hard working immigrants with a pioneering spirit had a long term view of their future and sacrificed everything for the future of their offspring. Unfortunately their ungrateful offspring have turned lazy and complacent, and the politicians they are led by have turned into marionettes of greedy banksters with short term values.

The numbers of refugees, escaping exploiting dictators, starvation, persecution and war exceeded 50 million in 2013. They are the new wave of nomads and are unwanted and have nowhere to escape to. Yet there are vast rich lands still unpopulated and in need of immigrants who could exploit the riches they have to offer.  

At present, there are countries with still a great amount of undeveloped and un-populated land which is closed for immigrants, unless they are wealthy and are able to buy their citizenship. Most of the 35 million Canadians live along and near the southern border to the United States. The lands to the north are just as fertile and resource rich as those that are populated. But they are left empty and unexploited. Similar empty rich lands waiting to be settled and exploited are found in Australia and Russia.

A repeating wave of migration and immigration would be a win-win situation for these countries, as well as for all refugees, just as the proceeding wave of migration 100 years ago was. The world would greatly benefit if refugees were encouraged and helped to immigrate and settle and open up these productive yet laid to waste lands. At the same time, this exodus would be a great blow to the dictators that the refugees are escaping from as the dictators would be left with less people to exploit.    
For many difficult problems, there is often a simple solution.

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