Monday, May 4, 2015

5. Proposed financing of pilot pioneer project


Financing is necessary to help the community reach a level of self-sufficiency. 
Pioneers are encouraged to maintain their strong family values and to be self-sufficient.

The local area benefits by being opened up and populated by hard working, thankful and dedicated workers and consumers.


Philantropists, cities, schools, clubs, friends, and individuals can donate.

Media: It is expected that such a pilot pioneer project will receive a wide media coverage.The media can subsidize the community by setting up a reality show showing how the community grows. A computer game can be developed similar to "SIM City" and "Minecraft" to build virtual pioneer communities.   

Companies: provide machinery and tools and are compensated by media coverage.

Local Businesses: Agree  to buy products from the pioneer community at a fair price that is competitive. The pioneers have an great advantage over the rich in competing, as they can tolerate a lower profit margin.

Volunteers  provide help like the help the peace corps projects provide.

  • Pioneers, once they move out of the communal building into their homesteads can sponsor refugees. These sponsored refugees live in the communal building until they build their own homesteads. 
  • Churches, who practice missionary work to spread the faith, can sponsor refugees who are members of their  church.  
Churches and charities provide financial aid.
European countries provide:
  • refugees and train them to become pioneers  
  • travel costs
  • material for building initial communal infrastructure
Canada provides:
  • land
  • guarantee that pioneers can keep their land and becoming Canadian citizens if they fulfill the necessary requirements such as working their plot of land and becoming self sufficient within an agreed time.(ie 5-10 years).
  • guarantee of laws allowing freedom of pioneers to set up their communities. 
  • loans and subsidies to help pioneers build their own private homes and businesses.  

  • Pioneers should be allowed to work as if they would be already Canadian citizens. They should get the same pay as Canadian citizens get, with the same benefits. Part of their pay should be deducted to pay for any loans and subsidies they get to help them build their own private homes and businesses.  
  • Pioneers should be able to sell the products they produce, such as lumber, firewood, wood products such as fencing posts, playground equipment, wooden toys, stone products,cuttings from their greenhouse, animal products from the animals they raise, etc...  

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