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2. Proposed location for pilot pioneer community


The 35 million Canadians living close to the USA border in the south are unwilling to live in more remote areas further north. These remote areas further north are rich with natural resources such as lumber and attractive places for tourists.   The entire 5000km length of Canada, from east to west, borders on a norther frontier which is undeveloped nature laced with rivers and dotted by lakes in a virgin forest setting rich with wildlife. All this is waiting to be exploited by potential tourists living in the south within distance. All that is needed are trails, dirt roads and basic tourist facilities. There are about 5000 km There are many possible locations for pioneer communities along roads and railway lines leading to existing settlements that attract tourists.  

One example is near Thompson Manitoba, between Winnipeg and Churchill. Churchill is situated along Manitoba's 1,400 km coastline, on Hudson Bay at the meeting of three major biomes: marine, boreal forest and tundra, each supporting a variety of flora and fauna. There is a growing tourism industry. Each year, 10,000–12,000 eco-tourists visit, about 400-500 of whom are birders. It is most famous for the many polar bears that move toward the shore from inland in the autumn, leading to the nickname "Polar Bear Capital of the World".

The road from Winnipeg to Churchill ends at Thompson.   Thompson has a road and a railway to Winnipeg.  It has a population of 13,000. It is referred to as the "Hub of the North", serving as the regional trade and service centre of northern Manitoba. Thompson is located 739 km north of the provincial capital of Winnipeg, and is 396 km (246 mi) northeast of Flin Flon. Thompson has a population of 13,123 residents, which also serves as a trade centre for an additional 50,000 to 65,000 Manitobans.   

There are two major ways to get into Churchill from Winnipeg: airplane and train. You can drive half way to Churchill, as far as Thompson. 
By plane
There are two airlines that fly into Churchill with varying schedules, Calm Air and Kivalliq Air. 
By train
Taking the train to Churchill is much more affordable than flying, but takes much longer. VIA Rail serves Churchill with its Hudson Bay line that begins in Winnipeg. From Winnipeg the train takes about 36 hours. You have the option of staying in one of several different sleeper cars, or riding in economy class (depending on how much you want to pay) and trying to find two empty seats to fall asleep on. A viable solution for those who would like to get to Churchill relatively quickly, while not spending a relative fortune is flying from Winnipeg to Thompson, Manitoba, and then taking the train from there. Be warned that the airport in Thompson is not within walking distance of the train station, but there are plenty of taxi drivers waiting to give Churchill bound travelers a ride to the airport. 
By car
There is no road to Churchill; however, you can drive to Thompson (pop 13,000) and pay to park your car there, and continue by train or airplane. Churchill is right above the national park shown in green in the top right corner on the map below
 Red locator bubble is Thompson

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