Thursday, September 10, 2015

18. Win-win outcome

The only immediate solution presently offered to refugees by western governments is to save a few from their sinking rafts and offer them temporary shelter.

This proposal - to help refugees help themselves by offering them a long-term dignified solution to their hopeless and desperate situation - claims to be a win win situation for all. The only losers are the brutal dictators who will lose their most capable citizens who risk their lives to flee, and the big-businesses that will lose the dictators that allow them freedom to exploit their citizens and their land.
The long-term solution proposed in this blog is to offer refugees the opportunity to be pioneers and start a new dignified free life for themselves and their families.

Switzerland is to provide management, training and transportation to  settlements in Canada. Switzerland will benefit by reducing the number of refugees it commits to enter and support.  The Swiss citizens will benefit by having cheap labor during the training period.

Canada is to provide land for the settlements and laws for the homesteading. Canada will benefit by having cheap labor to open up the north for tourists. The local northern Canadians will benefit by the increase in the tourist industry, and the tourists will benefit by newly developed infrastructure built by the refugees. 

The refugees are to be guaranteed the rights of pioneers to be free owners of the results of their labors. They will eventually turn into productive free citizens. 

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