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15. Proposed work projects for pioneers


Pioneers can build trails, roads, campgrounds, tourist facilities and offer tourist activities. 
Once the pioneers have a homestead, they can move from the communal center, and work on clearing their plot of land.  The pioneers who are still living in the communal center waiting for their homesteads to be built work on community projects like the lumberyard, gravel pits, stone cutting plants,  community farms and greenhouses and the construction of homesteads. They provide the homesteaders with products like food and building materials.

The homesteads are built on plots of land carefully chosen to be attractive to develop for tourism. As the pioneers move into their homesteads, they clear the land and provide the communal center with raw products such as timber for the lumberyard, stone for the stone cutting plants and rock and gravel. They are not paid for the work they do. They work on their own land and invest with their labor for the promise of benefiting financially from it from the tourist industry they help develop.  Building materials such as timber and gravel are supplied by the communal community. Local, provincial and federal governments provide support in the form of training, guidance, management and machinery. These governments benefit from free labor to build facilities and infrastructure for the tourist industry that will eventually pay taxes.

Trails for hikers and horses are constructed to tourist attractions like waterfalls and scenic outlooks. The first trails built are along the shores of lakes where supplies are brought in by boats. Campsites are built along the trails on the shore and eventually cabins are built for the tourists. Facilities such as wharfs, beaches, swimming areas, and boating facilities are built to allow tourist to fish and enjoy the nature. Further trails are built going inland to tourist attractions such as waterfalls and viewpoints.

The trails are eventually widened to allow mountain bikes in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter. Dirt roads close to the trails going around the lake are built next.

Youtube videos on how to build trails:





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